Gold Panning!

In august me and my dad are going gold panning and camping! what if we get gold? that would be awesome. its my first time and it will be awesome. I am so exited! we could go on a huge vacation to calafornia to meet my brother and then go to seatle to see my sister. I cant wate!

Im Getting a Puppy!

On Saturday July 9, I’m getting a puppy! Its a lab mixed with a husky. Its litter are black. There are three, two girls and one boy. were getting one of the girls. My mom doesn’t want a boy. I’m so exited! Do you have a dog or a puppy? we are going on saterday and going to the dog owners house then we pick witch one we want and pay for it, and finally we go home. We haven’t thought up any names yet. only one: cindy. If you don’t have a dog or a puppy, what would you name it? Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited!


Horses are cool because you can ride them, there pets, and lots more. I like the babies best. Do you like horses? My mom said that we wish we could get a horse. I would want to have a dapple grey horse named spirit. I would also want it to be a girl mustang. If you had a horse what would it look like?

Here is a animated picture of a horse and a foal:

The End of The School Year

The end of the school year is coming. I’m exited because summer is coming. I get to adventure a lot and I am planning to walk dogs with Sophie. It will be really fun. We will get money too. We are planning to get $15 for one hour.

 I am saving up for a ipod and a miniature horse. A miniaturehorse can pull even a grown up in a carriage! I am also saving up for a laptop. Is it the end of your school year? I like to play outside and play with friends. What do you like to do in the summer? My favourite season is autom and summer. This year I learnd so much like sciance lots of math and lots more. My favourite part was gym. The thing I was most intrested in was first natoins time. Cloudia tot us that. We went on a nature trail with her called the matio farm trail. It was fun. At chrismas, Mrs. Watson made elf yourselfs of us. It was funny. We even could do the spitz!

 In febuary, A mad sciantist came and we made blobs of glop. I was partners with sophie. We named ours Bob. He was a big blue blob. Oceana and Brooklynn made a pink blob and it was named princess Bob. Bob did not really like princess bob. I had a lot of fun this year.

My StoryBird by Me and Paige

My class and I were making storybirds, but we were not making them ourselves, we were making them with people that live on the other side of the world! My partner was Paige.She lives in New Zealand. Her teacher is Mrs. Mckenzie.

We made a story about a fairy named Sunset. It was really fun. My favourite part was when she found a new pet.
Whats your favourite part?

When you make a storybird you have to first pick a picture then, you start writing. You also can change the picture on every page. It is really fun making storybirds.

Paige is very good at picking pictures and she is very good at picking what to write. I love Storybird!

Sunset,s good night. on Storybird

Harry Potter

In harry potter, there are lots of characters like: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, Hagrid, and lots, lots, more! there are seven movies and seven books. I am reading the third. Here are the names: harry potter and the philosophers stone, harry potter and the chamber of Secrets, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, harry potter and the goblet of fire, harry potter and the half blood prince, and harry potter and the deathly hollows. Here is a video:

Hope you liked it!

Jada and Jassmine’s Journy to the Kingdom of Fantesy

Once there were two sisters named Jada and Jasmine. Jada had black hair and blue eyes.  Jasmine had brown hair and green eyes. They lived in the forest.

One day they were exploring.  They found a music box,then they saw a pasege way. So….. they went thrue.  They saw a frog at first but he was wearing a velvit hat and shirt! his name was Scribblehopper.  He asked what they were doing there. So they started.  Then the frog thought that they were going to save the queen of the fiarys.  They needed to get throo all 3 kingdoms.

 First was the kingdom of the witches.  When they got throo the ruby door a music note A sounded.  In the kingdom, was a gloomy place and the map of the kingdom was on a skull! so they took the skull and continuood on the,re journy. In an hour they came to the castle.  It was shaped like a witch hat. But the door was gourded by a humungus spider.

They were amazed. Jassmin thought it was scary.  Jada thought it was cool. The frog thought it was creepy.

“What should we do?” asked Jassmin


“I dont know” said Jada

. I have an idea! said the frog.

“What is it” asked Jada

 if we read it a poem and it mite fall asleep. Briliant! said Jassmin. Awsome said Scribblehopper. Lets do it! They hid behind a rock and started to sing: la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lu lu loo lu lu loo laaaaaaaaaaaa! “The spider fell asleep and it did not no what hit it!” Said Jada “good idea frog” said Jassmin.  So they continuedthere Quist.

 They came to the castle.

“We cant just walk in there” Said Jada

 said the frog “why” asked Jassmin because

“they will think will think we are up to something”

 “oh” said Jassmin

. We will have to go thro the evil well of doom. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed Jassmin. Don’t worry if they catch us(witch they wont) they wont hert us. “That’s a relief” said Jada. Lets go. They started to climb the well. When they got in all the witches started to screech: Queen! Queen! some peaple came in the well of doom! when the Queen came, she said: who, why, what were? a witch said

“there are peaple that came thro the well of doom!”

. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Screamed Jada.

“Don’t worrie Jada” said  Scribblehopper.  The Queen started to think. 

“we will let them go” said the Queen

.  So… the witches let them go to the next door.  The next door was a emrald.

 “this is the door to the kingdom of the ghomes” said Sribblehopper

.  They went thro the emrald door.  It was a butiful place.  It was a giant forest. “its not gloomy” said Jada

. “of course its not gloomy!”  said Scribblehopper

.   As they started walking they found the map on a apple tree.  They were in the middle of  Strawberry Fields. 

 “not long now” said scribblehopper

.  When they came to the gnome castle, they noticed that all the gnomes were really small.  They all greeted them nicely.  When they came to the gnome loge, (the gnomes gathering place) they saw the king and queen. There names where queen lucy and king Tom. 

  “I think I found your rings” Said Jada. 

 ” My heavens! you did” cried queen Lucy

.  After they had lunch with the king and queen, they continued there journy.  Soon they came to the kingdom of the pixies.  They went through the crystal door.  It was so butiful! There were lots of roses and rivers, the sun and it was not gloomy.  They started walking down the crystal path. 

 “its so pretty!” said Jassmin

When they came to crystal palace, They found the queen. Scribblehopper made a potion and the queen drank it. She was alive! They lived happily evere after.

The End

I am Reading Mammals

I am reading the book Mammals. It has information about lots of mammals like: ocean animals, monkeys, elephants, wolves, foxes, bears, and more.

 I am reading one of my favourite parts in the book to you. Its called: Fabulous fins. I think it’s really cool.

I think my reading got better because I have learned more strategies other than “sound it out”. Here are some of my strategies: Reread text, Flip the vowel, check for understanding, make a mind picture, ask questions, back up and reread, chunk the letters, and more. Here is me reading mammals:

My Art Through The Year

Today we made a slide show of all our art we made this year.  My favourite one is my hot dog. Which one is your favorite? Art is my favourite subject in school too.  We always have art on Fridays, but some days there is no art.  We love to mix colours like green, red, blue, and white.  We have made Monsters, Dogs, Snowmen, and more.  I learned that we can make any colours in the world! Here is my awesome video: